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Jodi + Tony

June 13, 2015

Jodi + Tony

it supposed to be a rainy week but not this saturday. the weather was playing nice and not a single rain drop fell this day.

the ceremony and reception took place at addison oaks. it is a beautiful place with nice green areas, a fountain and little details which make shooting at this location fun!

this gallery features my selected favorites from jodi and tony's wedding

  • detail shot of the wedding dress, shoes and bouquet
  • maid of honor getting ready
  • bride gets into the wedding dress
  • groom is getting ready
  • portrait of the bride and maid of honor, daughter
  • detail shot of the something blue
  • artistic portrait of the bride
  • the wedding chandelier at the altar
  • candid moment of the bridesmaids
  • groomsmen portrait
  • portrait of the bride
  • bride and her bouquet
  • freelensing bride portrait
  • the ring bearer introduces the bride
  • bride walks down the aisle
  • wide angle shot of the venue
  • bride and groom holding hands
  • the maid of honor watches the ceremony
  • detail shot of the flower details
  • bridesmaid try to get rid of a spider
  • the wedding kiss
  • wedding kiss in front of the altar
  • getting ready for the group photo
  • artistic bouquet toss in the air
  • portrait of bride and groom
  • portrait of the bride and groom in front of the milk house
  • artistic portrait of the bride and groom
  • Jodi + Tony
  • detail shot of the wedding cake
  • detail shot of the table setup
  • bride and groom first wedding dance
  • surprise dance for the groom
  • surprise dance for the groom
  • people party on the dance floor
  • artistic light painting at night

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