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Royal Oak Engagement Photographers // Emily + Anthony

Probably the last good weather before it starts to snow. Winter is definitely coming and I had a chance to spend a morning with Emily and Anthony walking around Royal Oak during this last beautiful sunny weather. Although almost all the leaves are gone we could spot some color.

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Michigan Engagement Photographers // Amber + Andrew

Fall is almost over so I had to catch the last colorful trees before they are completely gone. I think I was not the only one who had that thought. George George Park was the busiest I have ever experienced it. Beautiful November weather and a fun time with Amber and Andrew. I remember it snowed around that time last year!

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Detroit Engagement Photographers // Andrea + Jason

Belle Isle. I like to come and visit this little beautiful island. it has so much to offer, the conservatory, casino and little bridges. had a great time with andrea and jason. looking forward to august next year!

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Clinton Engagement Photographers // Tonya + Tyler

George George Park at its best! Can not wait to photograph their wedding in May.

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Pontiac Wedding Photographer // Roey + Bridget

Pontiac, that is car city, Elektricity, Erebus and Crofoot Ballroom. That is where this wedding took place, at the Crofoot Ballroom. Fun couple and for the first time I could document a after the first kiss wedding selfie! Perfect!

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Michigan Wedding Photographers // Marian + Jason

Wedding season is almost over and this wedding finished my season with a bang. The wedding party rocked the crowd. The entrance of the best man and the man of honor was one of a kind and the best man's dance moves...see for yourself!

The wedding started at the Crowne Plaza where the bride was getting ready. The ceremony took place at St.Josephs. I liked the wink of the bride when she first entered the aisle. The reception was held at the twin lakes golf course.

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Plymouth Engagement Photographers // Shelby + Dan

I really like Plymouth. Not only it has a nice little downtown with lots of unique places to go out and have a drink or have something to eat. It also offers nice parks around the downtown area. This one has it all! Trees, a little hill and a softball field!

Dan is a softball player so there is no way that we would not include that in the shoot.

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Plymouth Wedding Photographers // Pam + Carey

I was looking forward to this wedding because this was the place where I got married last year. Ceremony and Reception was held at the Fox Hills Banquet & Golf Center.

Amazing couple, beautiful little daughter and a fun crowd makes shooting here like a breeze.

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Michigan Wedding Photographers // Breanna + Ryan

Love this fun and energetic couple with their beautiful princess themed wedding. Groom's reaction seeing his wife to be for the first time, priceless!

The wedding, of course, have to take place in a castle!

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Port Huron Wedding Photographers // Colleen + Adam

i have been waiting to come back to this place since the time i took colleen and adam's engagement pictures at the same spot, the fort gratiot lighthouse.

the weather was perfect for this outside wedding, just forget the little rain during the ceremony and i heard it brings happiness to the marriage.

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Northville Engagement Photographers // Michele + Bobby

michele and bobby have such a cute little, very active dog, jobie. i just had to include her in the pictures :) focusing on jobie was not easy, she is fast, really fast! but at the end we got some nice action shots of her, michele and bobby.

our small sunday afternoon trip started at michele and bobby's house. we headed to mill race village, a beautiful historical park and to a nearby park. can't wait to shoot their wedding next year.

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Ann Arbor Wedding Photographers // Brittany + Keagan

I feel sorry for the groom and groomsmen waiting outside at the altar in the tuxedos at almost 100F for the most important person during this beautiful wedding in Saline. I also never believe the weather forecast until I see it for myself. It supposed to rain but luckily it never did!

The reception and ceremony took place at beautiful Wellers in Saline Michigan. Fun and lovely couple and awesome bridal party!

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Michigan Wedding Photographers Brianna + Aaron

beautiful weather for this backyard wedding in oxford with their own private fireworks show!

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Royal Oak Wedding Photographers // Cynthia + Rob

michigan weather! the weather did not play along with the wedding planning. the idea was to take pictures outside in a park. it did not work since it was raining. the good thing about the townsend hotel in birmingham it has plenty of cool stuff to take pictures, so there was not really a need to go out to do the wedding shots.

the ceremony and reception was held inside the community house. as a wedding photographer you should be prepared for all kind of weather and at the end not the couple gets wet but the photographer

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Metro Detroit Wedding Photographers // Maria + Tim

it is my second time in wyandotte. i like to come down here the parks around are really beautiful. the wedding started in a nice little wedding chapel.

after a short ceremony everybody went to the elizabeth park. it has nice bridges and is directly by the water.

the park must be very popular around this area, we were not the only bridal party over there :) the reception was held at 707 East Downtown Banquet Center

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Saint Claire Shores Wedding Photographers // Elise + Daniel

perfect day after the rain during the ceremony. the ceremony was held at St. Joan of Arc Church. There are a lot of nice places around the church in Grosse Pointe Woods.

we had plenty of time for pictures and headed to a nice little park first with an old school house. after that we headed to a bigger park with a nice pond with a fountain before heading to the reception.

i never saw a canoe speech before, it was a very interesting idea of the father.

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Metro Detroit Wedding Photographers // Holly + Jeremy

i didn't have luck this time. the wedding on saturday was with no rain at all, this one was completely wet this time.

nevertheless it stopped for a while and we could shoot some nice outdoor pictures. the maid of honor kept the bride and the groom entertained throughout the outdoor shoot. how much fun it must be to see her dancing behind me while i am focusing on the picture.

the ceremony had to be set inside the van hoosen farm. the outside has a lot of historical details which makes taking pictures there so much fun. after van hoosen everybody headed to the cellar door, a beautiful venue with character.

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Addison Oaks Wedding Photographers // Jodi + Tony

it supposed to be a rainy week but not this saturday. the weather was playing nice and not a single rain drop fell this day. the ceremony and reception took place at addison oaks.

it is a beautiful place with nice green areas, a fountain and little details which make shooting at this location fun!

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